Mercede Benz concept future car

Friday, November 28, 2014

Mercedes Benz
seemed to not run out of new products. After introducing Maybach, AMG GT, as well as turbo engine small cc, now the German premium car manufacturer that tested their 2015 concept car.

future concept car Mercede Benz concept future car
future concept car

Mercede Benz concept future car
Believed, the car is still shrouded in a concept model that will be shown in the event the Consumer Electronics Show (ECS) in Las Vegas, USA, in 2015. This is in accordance with the submitted CEO of Daimler AG, Dieter Zetsche.
Previously, Daimler shows the interior design concept for future cars. The concept car with a capacity of four people in which design enables each other passengers can face each other, similarly as reported by autoevolution.
The interior design will be used on autonumous tech car driving, in which the vehicle can lead to the goal.
On that occasion, Zetsche also will deliver a presentation on the latest developments in product technology autonumous driving a Mercedes Benz.
Mercy ambition is to become the first car manufacturer in the world that sells autonumous tech vehicle driving. So far, Mercy has been tested model of the S-Class.
But from the look of the veil, the concept car design seems somewhat different from conventional products Mercy. The car design is completely new possibilities and unexpected.
Mercedes-Benz shows the interior design concept cars future. A luxurious and futuristic highly viscous based sketches are made. Obviously, the interior look much different from conventional models that exist today.
At first glance the design as the technology of autonomous driving cars or vehicles that can run itself into the goal.
Autonomous technology is developed using models of Mercedes Benz S Class Intelligent Drive. In early 2014 the vehicle was tested. In addition, the technology is also used in the model autonumous Future Truck 2025.
Originally the interior design of the new Mercedes will be shown in the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, USA, in January 2015.
Head of Corporate Research Daimler AG, Herbert Kohler, said the new design shows how the people in the cabin feel the trip without having preoccupied with controlling the steering wheel.
“This opens up a new way of how people can take advantage of the time as possible during the trip,” said Kohler was quoted as saying AutoExpress, Wednesday (11/19/2014).
There are four seats in the vehicle, all of which can be rotated 360 degrees. It allows one another at each other. However, the driver can immediately turn back bench to monitor the condition of the road quickly.
This design concept car carries the idea of digital living space which also allows passengers to interact with the vehicle using body gestures or touching the screen. The car can even detect how environmental conditions, and displays information about the buildings, sidewalks, or other road users.

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