Mazda CX-5 be police car

Friday, November 28, 2014

Mazda CX-5 be police car, police patrol car is different in various countries. In Europe there are countries which police used Lamborghini sports car, the Volkswagen Golf or Passat. Police in America use Dodge, Ford, Chevrolet. And police in the United Kingdom using a Vauxhall cars.

Mazda police car 450x243 Mazda CX 5 be police car
Mazda police car

While police in Japan, precisely in Hiroshima Prefecture, using the Toyota Crown sedan. But officials there will get a new “weapon” in the presence of the Mazda CX-5. SUV was relied upon to patrol in cold weather, similarly as quoted from autoevolution.
Hiroshima Prefecture Police Past Corps has received the Mazda CX-5 patrol units painted in black and white. The car is reliable to track Onomichi Matsue.
The entire Mazda CX-5 patrol cars equipped with diesel engines Skyacvtive-D 2.2-liter four-wheel drive. Blurted power of 150 HP and 380 Nm of torque. The level of fuel consumption of 18 km / liter, is quite competitive with rivals.
The car was first launched in 2012, it is a competitor of Toyota RAV-4 and Honda CR-V. Excellence CX-5 is a dual zone climate control feature that can warm the police in cold weather.

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