New Chevrolet Captiva carried out test on air conditioning

Thursday, November 13, 2014

New Chevrolet Captiva has been officially presented to enliven segment sports utility vehicle (SUV) national automotive market. This car model comes with a variety of changes both in exterior, interior, and technology.

Chevrolet Captiva 450x301 New Chevrolet Captiva carried out test on air conditioning
Chevrolet Captiva
New Chevrolet Captiva carried out test on air conditioning systems
The latest model from the car manufacturer from the United States comes with features dual zone climate temperature control that allows the driver and passenger in the front seat to operate the indoor temperature setting separately.
With these advanced features, the driver and passenger can feel the comfort and coolness especially during the dry season. Even GM’s Global Product Development has carried out tests on air conditioning systems, with the ambient temperature outside the vehicle up to 50 degrees.
“With this test, we strive to ensure that the Chevrolet Captiva customers who live in places with hot climates such as Jakarta, Bangkok, Mumbai, and Arizona may have the facility of air-conditioning that can be relied upon,” said Grace Septriwan, Deputy Director of Product Engineering, GM Indonesian Manufacturing.
This test requires a total mileage even up to thousands of miles, either real, or simulated. The developers have done this test at GM’s Desert Providing Grounds in Yuma, Arizona, USA, as well as in the climatic laboratory tests in the Chevrolet engineering centers around the world.
Dual zone climate control the new Captiva is a more efficient cooling system for the interior, especially if driving alone. This is because the ability of the system to minimize waste substances resulting from the cooling system in the passenger section.
New Chevrolet Captiva put its AC outlets for occupant comfort and the third row seats 5-7 people comfortably. The experts found the vehicle with the interior and exterior color of the light can lower the temperature of the room faster than vehicles using darker colors, as well as window film that can reduce exposure to Chevy Captiva part in up to 80 percent.

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