Latest Mazda CX-5 features

Thursday, November 13, 2014

During the trip Mazda Liventure Journey, we had tried various latest features owned Mazda CX-5. These features are proven to help the driver while driving.

Mazda CX 5 450x281 Latest Mazda CX 5 features
Mazda CX-5
Latest Mazda CX-5 features
Examples of car features that are useful at night is the Adaptive Front-Lighting System (AFS). This Mazda feature provides safety when driving at night and allows to see the turn.
There are also High Beam Control (HBC). This car feature works when the camera detects oncoming vehicles and automatically lights will die away and turn on the lights close. HBC work when the light switch is remote and auto lights.
Not only that, another Mazda CX-5 feature that is very helpful at night is a Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS). Features that are part of the technology i-ACTIVSENSE can read lane markings and provide alerts when the driver begins to deviate from the path. LDWS will work at speeds above 65 km / hour.
When crossing the street jam, i-Stop feature (Idling Stop System) went to work. When the car stopped, the engine will automatically die and live again in a time of 0.35 seconds when the brake pedal is released.
“The main purpose of this feature to save fuel and environmentally friendly,” said Ari Tristianto, Product Planning and Marketing of PT. Mazda Motor Indonesia (MMI) on the sidelines of the Mazda Liventure Journey as quoted from okezone.
Another Mazda CX-5 car feature that feel is Cruise Control. This feature is used when the road in quiet conditions such as when crossing toll. This feature automatically controls the speed of the car. Manner of operation is very easy, just use the right thumb this car feature can be activated.
Active or not these Mazda CX-5 features can be monitored via the instrument panel. If you are active, the feet do not need to step on the gas pedal. Speed ??control can be set via the keypad (-) and (+) on the steering wheel. Just press like playing games. But when the brake pedal is pressed, it automatically turns off features.
Settle for rear passengers, turn was behind the steering wheel. First time sitting on the seat, the body was tightly hugged semibucket seat models. Finding the ideal driving position is easy as well as the settings already electric seats.
The existence of a tilt-telescopic steering feature even easier for me to get the position of the steering wheel to suit driving style steering wheel can be adjusted for height and depth.
Features keyless entry system enables me to operate the Mazda CX-5. Just press the start button on / off at the wheel as he stepped on the brake pedal, the engine was once alive.
The journey was resumed. After determining the coordinates of the point, participants were directed to follow the path of GPS. The end point of the first day is an in Madison. During the journey to the inn, the participants presented a challenging road.
Here the ability of the Mazda CX-5 is tested. Road winding hills with the asphalt tends to smooth contours, will arouse the curiosity of the Japanese SUV reliability. Bulldoze the curves was easy, because the car is so “think”.
SKYACTIV-G 2.5 engine which powered 135 kW at 5,700 rpm rotation with 250 Nm of torque at 3,250 rpm felt grumpy when bulldoze the adrenaline pathway. This can happen because the CX-5 RON95 fuel consumption.
The existence Tiptronic features make driving as it passes through derivatives and incline feels comfortable. Because the gearshift can be set manually. Way to stay shift lever from “D” to the right and follow the sign (-) means less gear and (+) to add teeth. Gearshift start of lap down to the top feels smooth. However, the energy produced is so pronounced when driving Mazda CX-5.

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