Honda HR-V delay launch in US market

Friday, November 7, 2014

Honda reportedly will delay the launch of its newest crossover, the Honda HR-V in the US market. Indeed, the launch of Honda’s first crossover vehicle that will be done this year. 

Honda HR V 450x245 Honda HR V delay launch in US market
Honda HR-V
Honda HR-V delay launch in US market
When read at, the stretcher delays due to problems in the production of an assembly plant in Celaya, Mexico. The production capacity at the plant has a maximum. Honda Mexico working on a lot of requests for models of the Honda Fit or Jazz.
The first crossover from car manufacturer with bearing the letter H it will on the mat Las Vegas Auto Show 2014. The model will be positioned below the CR-V and is expected to increase Honda sales in the land of Uncle Sam.
For information, Honda HR-V model is built based on the platform of the flagship hatchback Honda Fit, or better known as Jazz. This model is also supported by the engine capacity of 1.5 liter four-cylinder.
For transmission choice in the American market, Honda has not determined whether also available in six-speed manual or follow the variant for Europe with a choice of a CVT automatic transmission.
For the American market alone is expected HR-V comes with all-wheel drive configuration or front-wheel drive. Japanese car manufacturers are also expected to provide other options such as the 1.8-liter engine found in the Civic and the 2.4-liter engine belongs to the CR-V.
Besides the issue of production capacity, this plant is also experiencing labor problems. The assembly plant is still relying on human power, not a robot like in Japan.
In addition, the lack of manpower Honda in Mexico is because many manufacturers are competitors of other Honda assembly plant opened.
Another problem Honda HR-V delay launch in United States market that occurs at the assembly plant is the distribution process. All this to send a car from the factory to the United States by rail. How is inefficient because it takes a long time.

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