Cafe racer motor modification in future

Friday, November 7, 2014

The old motor modifications trends such as cafe racer predicted to exist in the future. It can be seen from the continued emergence of new communities that carries retro flow motor modification. 

cafe racer 450x281 Cafe racer motor modification in future
cafe racer
Cafe racer motor modification in future
“If the bike mass production I do not quite follow. But I think there’s a global trend is cafe racer. Model boober too much,” said Lulut Wahyudi, retainer Retro Classic Cycles.
According to the man from Yogyakarta, cafe racer trend has grown since the last two years. Until now, growth continued until many emerging communities classic racing motorcycle enthusiast models in various regions.
“2009 I made cafe racer but don’t have friends. When I made some friends who say, ‘what are you doing to make a model of an old racing bike like that’ but can be seen at this time of its development,” he said.
For Lulut, flow motorcycle modification cafe racer is full of risks. Moreover, he prefers to use aluminum as the primary material manufacture motor body.
“Material aluminum is lighter and much lighter than steel, not rusty. Aluminum formed the most difficult, because if one little bit hard to restore its shape. So be extra careful,” he explained.
Recognized Lulut, work which requires a very high level of accuracy makes the process time-consuming work. Moreover, if the design has a high difficulty level.
About the material, Lulut also mention at this time still brings directly from abroad. “Currently we use materials that still imported. Because the ingredients we need are not available in the market. If there is much more expensive,” he said.
So do not be surprised if most of the customers who come to him from abroad, one customer who know comes from France.

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