VW Beetle 2015 using latest technology

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Volkswagen (VW) has just announced the latest version of the VW Beetle models 2015. After read from worldcarfans, VW Beetle 2015 will launch in late 2014 with a number of changes in the engine and using the latest technology.

VW Beetle 2015 450x337 VW Beetle 2015 using latest technology

VW Beetle 2015
VW Beetle 2015 using latest technology
Volkswagen Beetle offered in a choice of five engines are claimed to be more fuel efficient and already meet the exhaust emission standard Euro 6. It is unfortunate that the VW was closed about specifications of the machine. But clearly three petrol engines will inhabit the bottom of the hood Beetle with the ability to remove the power of each of 105, 150, and 220 PS (162 kW).
While the two of more tangible diesel engine which is claimed to issue a power of 110 PS and 150 PS. In addition to the engine, the 2015 VW Beetle also will be the arrival of new features such as a navigation system, rear view camera, Rear Traffic Alert system, Blind Spot screen and DSG gearbox.
VW Beetle 2015 will go on sale in Germany at a price of 17.825 euros for the coupe version and 22.125 euros for convertible version.
Faced with increasingly fierce competition in the automotive world, the German car manufacturer Volkswagen (VW) through Volkswagen Electric Research Laboratory (ERL), developing new propulsion technologies latest.
In addition, VW also is testing a feature that can set the vehicle to park itself. In total there are seven new VW technologies that will be applied to all VW cars in the near future.
Here are seven of these Volkswagen car technologies:
Traffic Jam Pilot
This technology was originally introduced in the A7 concept car. VW plans to incorporate the technology into the next generation A7, A8 that will enter the production line in 2016. Traffic Jam Pilot uses light sensors, sinar scanners, stereo cameras, and ultrasonic camera. HD high quality maps or pinned on the technology so that the car can adjust to road conditions around.
Autonomous Parking
This technology allows the car can park itself when it gets a suitable room. This system can also be controlled via a smartphone so that the driver can stop the car if there will be a clash.
Steering Wheel Mounted Touchpads
Although still in development, at least VW has given an overview of the sophistication of the steering wheel mounted touchpads. Touchpad mounted on the two sides of the steering wheel and allows the driver to enter commands by simply pressing with the thumb.
iBeetle App
iBeetle App allow entertainment devices in the car can be connected to the iPhone. That way the driver can take advantage of social media services.
Photo Souvenir
VW will be installed four GoPro camera that takes a picture every five seconds. When totaled approximately 6,000 images will be taken for more than two hours using a memory with the storage capacity of 32 GB. This technology allows car owners do not bother to exit the vehicle to take pictures.
Smart Accessories
The latter is the Smart Accessories. This technology can connect the driver’s valuables by using cloud-based applications. If valuables are stolen, the driver will be informed through notification in the smartphone. This technology can also be connected to the car.
The main objective to improve the connectivity between the goods and the driver. In addition, if the stolen goods are used or sold by the offender, then it will automatically connect to smart technology and declare the goods are stolen.
Connected Cars
Volkswagen hopes this technology can connect one with the other cars on the highway. This technology is very useful in many ways, for example, inform each road traffic conditions or hazards.

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