Hybrid car challenger Toyota Prius

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Hybrid car challenger Toyota Prius, cars energy efficient, and environmentally friendly hybrid cars seem like being loved by a variety of world automotive manufacturers. Especially with the success of one of the hybrid car from the world automotive giant, Toyota Prius.
hybrid cars 450x325 Hybrid car challenger Toyota Prius
hybrid cars
Several hybrid cars challenger Toyota Prius:
With the success of the Toyota Prius, now many car manufacturers are racing to develop the challenger as done by Hyundai. South Korean car manufacturer is believed to be a test of a new hybrid car.
From the spy photos that circulated, the Hyundai is testing four units i30 or Elantra GT. There are even pictures that immortalize one of the cars tested using a battery which is placed under the back seat.
Besides Hyundai, Ford also believed to be developing a model that will be used as a challenger to the Toyota Prius. In fact, this model is rumored to be ready to be introduced in late 2018.
Hybrid cars from the United States car manufacturer is reportedly using the code C240, and is scheduled to use the C2 platform used for the latest generation of the Ford Focus and Escape. For this hybrid model will also be available in various types.
For more detailed information on the two prospective challenger Toyota Prius this is not yet fully known, and most likely will be informed by the company closer to launch.

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