Ferrari is not for sale

Friday, November 7, 2014

Automobiles Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne said, Ferrari became the most tempting car manufacturers for controlled. At least, Ferrari could be worth up to USD 15 billion, and it will be a bone of contention.

Ferrari 450x337 Ferrari is not for sale
Ferrari is not for sale
Fiat controls nearly 90 percent of Ferrari stock. Marchionne confirmed, he wanted to end growing speculation about Ferrari. In this case, Marchionne cover all the possibilities of Ferrari sales to the other party.
For information, Ferrari divulge its long-term plans in the development of new products. At least in the next five years, Ferrari ready to launch cars per year.
As part of the plan the next five years, Ferrari will present a high performance model with V8 and V12 engine. The new models of the manufacturer Ferrari will be launched each year.
In addition to launching the regular models, Ferrari also will offer a special edition per model. This Ferrari special edition will be targeting consumers who are loyal and certainly have a thick wallet.
“Many false rumors about Ferrari, so I might have to teach the proper method of valuation, But I can point out that, Ferrari is not for sale,” said Marchionne as reported Inautonews.
Ferrari could be on top of speculation, where there is news that Fiat Automobiles Chrysler will sell a brand with the Prancing Horse logo. However, Sergio immediately denied this.
Today, Ferrari is increasing its production capacity to 7,000 units per year. The new car model will be released every year and Ferrari cars will have a lifespan of about four years.

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