Ferrari F150 price in range of 1 million euro

Friday, November 7, 2014

Ferrari F150 450x262 Ferrari F150 price in range of 1 million euro
Ferrari F150
Ferrari is preparing a new supercar code named F150 or Ferrari F70. The price offered for the successor to the Ferrari Enzo is in the range of 1 million Euro, off the road. When have added taxes, the estimated price of this Ferrari F150 is 1.21 million euros in Italy without auto insurance. The plan, the Ferrari F70 will only be produced as many as 499 units, or 100 units more than the Enzo.
In addition to the Italian and European, Ferrari will also market variant Enzo successor is in Asia, particularly China. Ferrari did have a good sales record in Asian countries such as China.
Ferrari F150 will have a power of 900 horsepower, the combination of V-12 gasoline engine with direct injection intake, plus an electric motor as part of the HY-KERS technology.
This new Ferrari car uses a carbon fiber chassis, which is able to cut the weight of the car. Ferrari F150 is estimated weights only 1365 kilograms, with an additional 150 kg of hybrid systems.

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