Ferrari Enzo top speed rumors

Friday, November 7, 2014

Ferrari Enzo top speed or Ferrari F70 is the exotic car which could make your eyes cannot get off from it. This iconic car was recently spotted by official successor that prowling the public roads that is in camouflage guise. There is something in this ferrari car which makes people going to be speechless. Car2future have some rumors about this car.
Ferrari Enzo 450x337 Ferrari Enzo top speed rumors
Ferrari Enzo 

Ferrari Enzo top speed rumors:
1. This fast car has been finalized by Ferrari as the super – duper car and exciting rumor since few years ago. Most people want to see something tangible to get a road shake – down for this car.
2. Another rumor stated that this car completed with bi – turbo engine within Hy – KERS system and also supported with four – wheel drive system that could even produce the incredible power estimation that is 1,000 horsepower.
3. About the design of Ferrari Enzo top speed it is reported by CarAnd Driver in recent time that this car will be designed within the concern that is on a “three arc” philosophy which involve the front arc so it could be the tightest in diameter, being the largest on its middle. Moreover, the rear arc could be the larger than the front and the extending rearward until it could end abruptly.
4. In recent time also, Ferrari F70 caught warming up in the street that is outside Maranello but unfortunately, this fast car could be said still heavily camouflaged. However, you could enjoy a glance of its aggressive look that is come out with borrowed design elements that is from FF Berlinetta and also 458 Italia.
5. From the video which caught this Ferrari Enzo top speed it could be said that this video is FXX – like rear – end. About the rumor that it will be based on a “three arc” for the design, Ferrari explained that it is true.
6. The last rumor you need to know about this amazing sport car will be about the fuel economy and its specifications. It works with 7.3 liter with V12 engine. It is combined with the company’s HY – KERS system so that it will produce the total output that is around 1000 HP.
Well, it could be about the speculation of number, but however we could be sure that in the end of the results, it will be only as dynamic as rumor could state. It is not a useless thinking if we keep waiting what next for Ferrari Enzo top speed are.

Ferrari F70 450x300 Ferrari Enzo top speed rumors
Ferrari F70

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