BMW M4 Safety Car in Gran Turismo game

Friday, November 7, 2014

BMW M4 Safety Car 450x337 BMW M4 Safety Car in Gran Turismo game
BMW M4 Safety Car
BMW M4 Safety Car in Gran Turismo game
This was said BMW in the event motorcycle exhibition EICMA 2014 in Milan, Italy, yesterday similarly as quoted from autoevolution.
BMW states M4 Safety Car version of the video game will be brought to EICMA this week, but the exact time has not been determined.
M4 Safety Car can be regarded as “window dressing” BMW to introduce the model M. To distinguish the other variant, the M4 uses color BMW Motorsport 3M vinyl.
Supporting its sporty, this car is made using carbon fiber in many parts of the body, such as splitter, spoiler, wing mirrors house, as well as the rear body section. Coated titanium exhaust and carbon fiber in the tip section.
Since this car was used as the official safety car vehicle automobile major competitions, M4 Safety Car also got LED lights flash on the grill and roof.
All views can be seen in a video game. But this is not the first time BMW and Polyphonic, the company also publishes Gran Turismo 6, working together. Both had previously worked together when the model concept of the M4 was first introduced.

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